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Customise Your Rosie Shirt

The new Rosie Shirt, while deliciously retro in style, has been kept very classic in detailing. This was indeed with some thought behind it. The sharp but understated detailing leaves you, the proud new owner of a Rose Shirt, all the power in terms of how you’d like to style it. Maybe you’re in love with the clean utilitarian style of the shirt as it is, buttoned to the neck and worn tucked into something high-waisted, or tied up under the bust. Or perhaps you feel yourself a bit more ‘alternative’, and love making everything you own truly yours, by applying your creative hand to them.

Rosie The Rollerskater

If you’re all caught up and wanting more, I have the pleasure of presenting to you my second Rosie performance, ‘Rosie The Rollerskater’, featuring the fiercely impressive Lady Trample (of Chicks In Bowls fame) and her athletic prowess…. Enjoy!

Rosie The Mechanic

This month I created two new garments, with equal amounts durable functionality and polished aesthetic. Garments made for harsh environments, that still look as hot as hell! I drew my inspiration from women’s work-wear of times gone past, with a clear nod to our strong and iconic gal, Rosie the Riveter.

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