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Xmas List 2017: The Little Things

Last year I rounded up lots of lovely local makers and businesses as options for your Christmas shopping or wish list. It’s hard to beat that list, it’s still a good’n for this year too. So this year I thought I’d feature specific items that I looooove or caught my eye in 2017. All items are under $100 and are from either local NZ makers/businesses, or from some of my fave international female makers.

Selfies: The Sherry Swing Skirt

This is a new version of my most favourite, most versatile skirt in my wardrobe. I love this skirt so much that I have two of them, both in red, and I wear them TO DEATH at work, all throughout spring, summer, and autumn. Team it with some thick tights and a cute sweater and you can rock the Sherry Skirt through winter too!

WCW: The Erotic Exotic Ellen Von Unwerth (NSFW)

I was first introduced to Ellen’s work in the 90’s, as a fashion-loving teen who also had a penchant for music videos and women looking and acting like badasses (how things never change!). She photographed a lot of the women that I thought were hot shit, and her bold style caught my eye. Her photos were high-flash, high-contrast and highly coloured. Her female models were sexy but girly at the same time, and it looked like they were having a lot of fun.

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This capelet is pure decadence and is definitely one of my most prized pieces in my wardrobe. I would definitely recommend having a custom piece made by Devel to anyone. Ruby Rabbit

Danielle pours her heart into each of her garments, making each piece of Devel clothing worth every penny. Wearing a Devel item out and about guarantees dropped jaws and compliments. Samara Pepperell

I really enjoyed having her make this garment for me.  I would definitely love to have another piece made by Devel in the future.  Devel is perfect if you are looking for a one of a kind piece! Jennie Skulander

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