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TTW: An Overnighter In Wellington

Earlier this week I was sent down to Wellington for work, which was my first office-job related travel thus far, so I was a bit excited. I was to host an evening event, which meant staying overnight, and then flying home the next morning for more work. So, less than 24 hours in Wellington. Quickest trip ever. What is one to do with such little time, but an exciting city like Wellington to explore? Go straight to Cuba St. No if’s or but’s; Cuba St is where you need to be. And here’s why…

FTA: The Loli-Pop Exhbition

I love when the museum gets behind niche interests like this, because they always do really good job of presenting legit information and history, alongside wonderful visuals, and more recently (like in the Air New Zealand exhibition), fantastic interactive elements. You get to immerse yourself in another world or time, that you may not have had the privilege of experiencing first-hand.

Selfies: Dame V Housecoat

A friend had posted a photo of herself online, all rugged up in a very plush and glamorous vintage velvet robe, which had reminded me that for yeeeears I’d been wanting to make a glam 1950’s housecoat for my own winter swanning about the home. I’d bought a vintage 1950’s housecoat pattern in preparation, but had never decided on what style or colourway I was most keen on. I was surprise-gifted a free weekend of time soon after mentioning to said-friend that I was going to maybe make a housecoat this winter, and so with little excuses to be seen, I dove right in.

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