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TILT: The New Girl Power

The bravery and heart behind the current feminist wave has my own heart SINGING! I’ve always identified as a feminist; I grew up in the era of ‘Girl Power’ and punky boss-ladies like Shirley Manson and Brody Dalle, with a copy of Tank Girl under my arm. I frequently bit back at stupid comments from stupid people, and wrote and performed an award-winning, socially-progressive speech called “Don’t Judge Me” in my 12th year of school. If you shit on the little guy, I’ll have something to say about it!

TTW: International Women’s Day Celebrations

While we may not have all the answers just yet, being able to point the finger in the direction of normalised sexism/racism is incredibly valuable, and focusing attention on one specific area (locally is best), is better than freezing at the sheer size of the complicated and intertwined issue of global equality. It’s a monster, I know. But if we do and say nothing, we slide backwards, and the (normal/sensible/basic) rights you enjoy today will be gone tomorrow.

International Women’s Day in NZ

Yup, the world’s a freakin’ mess right now. But what can we do about it?? Celebrate International Women’s Day! There’s lots of little happenings going on around the country, with speakers at each, there to inspire and encourage you to work towards a better, brighter future for women, men and children. Remember, feminism is about equality. Not about women rising above others, but about rising to the same level. It’s about being seen, heard, respected and valued.

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