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Selfies: The Jazz Club Tee

Last winter I embarked on making my own tailored suit, inspired by a suit worn by the young Liz Taylor in the 1960’s film Butterfield 8. Dubbed The Butterfield Suit, I was so happy with how the suit came out, and was super excited to rock it in the outside world. But unfortunately its had to wait a whole year before I got my butt into gear to make a top that would be its perfect match. I wanted something that was chic but not stuffy, something easy, vibrant (to lift the grey of the suit) and mod, and something that would make me feel like a total boss b*tch (like Liz) when wearing it. That call has been answered.

TILT: That Western-Style Charm

Upon completion of the Kendall Dress (my most recent Devel Vs Project collaboration with alt-country starlet Kendall Elise), I started noticing how many of my previous projects and designs have incorporated western details and styling. From my first original skirt design called the Impala ’59 Skirt, featuring white satin western-style yokes on the back, trimmed with silver piping (just like the chromed back-end of aforementioned Impala ’59), to my first collection post-university called Built For Speed, which was heavily influenced by the rockabilly and hot-rod cultures…

FTA: Fashion Victims – The Dangers of Dress Past and Present

Fashion Victims: The Dangers of Dress Past and Present by Dr Alison Matthews-David, mixes in-depth historical research and anecdotes with current-day fashion commentary. Some of it flows with the thoughtful conversation of the author, while often delving into graphic and highly-medical examples of all the illnesses and deformities that makers and wearers suffered throughout known textile history. Sometimes my stomach turned a bit, but I pushed through, because no matter how off-putting, knowledge of the terrible is as important (if not more-so) as knowledge of the pleasant.

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