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Review: The Love Witch

I didn’t know too much about the film beforehand, only about its style (and the masterful way every little piece of it was created by director Anna Biller), and about the female protagonist’s woeful relationship with love. Friends had gone and seen the film before I had, and while most shared that they loved the style of it, there was a palpable “I liked it…? I think?” response…

FTA: Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls

While Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls may be a book aimed at the literal young, it is still most definitely a fantastic read for females of all ages! With beautiful artwork by talented women from all over the world, to wondrous and whimsical stories of trail-blazing girls and women from throughout history, it’s a true pleasure to flick through.

That Time When: BDay Week 2017

Another Bday Week done, dusted and thoroughly enjoyed! My birthday fell on a Sunday this year, and I worked most of the day before it at a new winter-season vintage market, so it was all a bit awkward to try do something big and raucous that weekend. Instead I started the celebrations a cheeky day early, by having a fun and relaxing date night with my wonderful husband, where we filled our bellies with delicious food, and got silly over a flaming volcano cocktail!

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This capelet is pure decadence and is definitely one of my most prized pieces in my wardrobe. I would definitely recommend having a custom piece made by Devel to anyone. Ruby Rabbit

Danielle pours her heart into each of her garments, making each piece of Devel clothing worth every penny. Wearing a Devel item out and about guarantees dropped jaws and compliments. Samara Pepperell

I really enjoyed having her make this garment for me.  I would definitely love to have another piece made by Devel in the future.  Devel is perfect if you are looking for a one of a kind piece! Jennie Skulander

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