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FTA: Free Women Free Men

While I outlined my desire to read and learn more about the feminist movement of past and present in my post about the book We Were Feminists Once, I do also want to make sure my reading material is wide and varied, as you can’t truly learn about a thing (especially something as socially-charged as feminism) from one view-point only. So I picked up Free Men Free Women with the idea it would give me a wider picture of feminism, one which includes men in the discussion in greater quantities to what I am used to from other feminist writers/ideas.

Selfies: The Sweetheart Singlet

Spring is here and I’m loving this warmer weather! I’ve got sunny outdoor rollerskating sessions in my mind’s eye, and was inspired by this cute strawberry print knit to create an adorable retro-style singlet to go with my skate-friendly highwaisted shorts from last summer…

FTA: Ladies’ Haircult

Even though I have done years of fashion cult reading (particularly of the ’50s – ’70s decades), I still learnt a whole lot of new things from Pivetta’s book, even from my most favourite eras! I think the fact that she is from a European background, rather than UK or US, meant that her research incorporated a much wider scope of material…

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This capelet is pure decadence and is definitely one of my most prized pieces in my wardrobe. I would definitely recommend having a custom piece made by Devel to anyone. Ruby Rabbit

Danielle pours her heart into each of her garments, making each piece of Devel clothing worth every penny. Wearing a Devel item out and about guarantees dropped jaws and compliments. Samara Pepperell

I really enjoyed having her make this garment for me.  I would definitely love to have another piece made by Devel in the future.  Devel is perfect if you are looking for a one of a kind piece! Jennie Skulander

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