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FTA: The Vote, The Pill and The Demon Drink

When conducting research for my Woman Crush post about local fashion designer Barbara Penberthy, I found a quote of hers that came from an intriguing sounding book; The Vote, The Pill and The Demon Drink – A History of Feminist Writing in New Zealand 1869 – 1993. With a heightened interest in all things feminist since the Women’s March in January, I knew I had to get my hands on a copy of this book, to gain greater understanding of the feminist history of my home country.

Love Letter To My Dominate Jacket

This is a garment Love Story, as part of Fashion Revolution Week. Loving and caring for the clothes that you have, reduces the high consumption rate of clothing, which we know comes at a great cost to our environment and fellow people.

From The Archives: Flourish by Annah Stretton

Flourish is a motivational self-help book by Annah Stretton (of Annah S fashion fame). It’s written from a woman’s perspective, and includes lots of stories and advice from other successful and passionate NZ business women. It’s a book by women, for women. I loved it because it brought up so many interesting perspectives and ideas, that may just be the keys to unlocking the higher potential in women. This I can get on-board with!

Life, Love and Other Happenings

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This capelet is pure decadence and is definitely one of my most prized pieces in my wardrobe. I would definitely recommend having a custom piece made by Devel to anyone. Ruby Rabbit

Danielle pours her heart into each of her garments, making each piece of Devel clothing worth every penny. Wearing a Devel item out and about guarantees dropped jaws and compliments. Samara Pepperell

I really enjoyed having her make this garment for me.  I would definitely love to have another piece made by Devel in the future.  Devel is perfect if you are looking for a one of a kind piece! Jennie Skulander

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