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Selfies: The Poolside Shorts

I have a number of pairs of shorts that I’ve bought over the year, mostly in denim, but I find that not one of them actually fits me properly. As a designer/sewer, I know that pants can be a pain to fit, and I know that everyone’s Waist-Hip ratio differs (let alone leg length!). With the ability to make clothing fit on a personalised level, it’s not surprising that off-the-rack shorts aren’t living up to my expectations of fit. So enough is enough. No more ill-fitting shorts for me!

That Time When: ArtWeek 2016

Auckland has been celebrating its community of the creative and unusual for the past week, with some exhibitions extending on into November. The hubby and I attended some of the festivities in Auckland Central and Devonport during the week, and I’ve curated a visual feast for you of what we saw (and ate!).

The Black Widow Skirt

This October I had the designer-desire to create a novelty skirt specifically for our spooky sisters. Gals who grew up reading R.L.Stine, watching The Craft, and collecting Living Dead Dolls. Gals who love Tiger Army, Cradle of Filth and Manson. Designed exclusively for the dark dames amongst us, let me introduce The Black Widow Skirt.

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