Shag, aka Josh Agle. If you’re not familiar with the name, there’s still a high chance that you’re familiar with his work.  It can be seen on everything from album and magazine covers, to art books, homeware, glassware and even at Disneyland.

Josh and I chatted about his work and home in our feature interview for the Party Issue of Glory Days Magazine, so if you are in love with or are curious about the Shag world, pick yourself up a copy!  And for those aspiring party hosts out there, Josh also shares what would feature at the Ultimate Shag Party, and who would be on the VIP list!


Glory Days Magazine| Devel Men & Women


I have loved Josh’s work for years and I marvel at all the creative pies he has his finger in.  As a creative myself, I get curious about what makes other creatives tick, and what big exciting dreams they have for their work.  AND how they enjoy their (probably sparse) time off!  That last one I’m not so good at myself, but perhaps if I lived a little closer to the stunning Palm Springs, like Josh, I might make more of an effort… (you hearing me, universe?)

Time to pick Josh’s brain one more time…


6 Questions With Shag | Devel Men & Women

Left: ‘Phaedra’ Print by Shag, Right: Photo by Tracy Graffin

1) Paint us a picture of your personal style…

When I’m going to art events I like to wear aloha shirts under a neutral blazer or smoking jacket, or a bright colored jacket with white trousers and shoes, which is a very “Palm Springs” look. In my day-to-day life as an artist, I tend to wear striped t-shirts and black trousers, which is a sort of standard artist uniform.


2) Who are the 3 most inspirational people to you?

The three most inspiring people to me are:

My grandfather A.L. Suman, who was a successful commercial artist and entrepreneur in L.A. from the 1930s through the 1960s. He taught me that it was possible to make a good living as an artist.

My first New York art dealer Earl McGrath, who had the perfect balance of louche hedonism and a strong work ethic. He is the person I want to be when I am in my 60s and 70s.

Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, the car customizer, artist, designer and merchandiser from the 1960s. I like his jack of all trades attitude to his career, and the way he never passed up an opportunity. Plus, he seemed to have a zest for life and a devilish fun streak while still tending to his business.


6 Questions With Shag | Devel Men & Women

6 Questions With Shag | Devel Men & Women

Eight Shades of Drunk by Shag


3) Your daily to-do list must be long, with all the projects and paintings you have on the go at one time.  How do you manage your time, and/or what project management process/theory could you not live without?

My time management skills are laughably simple: I focus on the most pressing deadline. People that know me say I work well under pressure, and I have perfected the ability to work on a project until the absolute last second it needs to be completed.


4) With Shag stores and galleries in both West Hollywood and Palm Springs, where in the world would you love to see the next Shag gallery open?

I’d like to look at New York or Miami as possible locations for the next Shag Store. New York has always been the place that brands put their flagship store, and it might be cool to see how a Shag Store works there.


6 Questions With Shag | Devel Men & Women

6 Questions With Shag | Devel Men & Women

Predators and Prey by Shag


5) You’ve built your holiday home in the mid-century oasis, Palm Springs.  What do you love most about the town and spending time there?

Palm Springs is full of great mid-century architecture and people who love the design and aesthetics from that era. A lot of people have built weekend lives for themselves out there patterned on what they think life in Palm Springs in 1962 must have been like: poolside cocktails, al fresco dining at good restaurants, and a spin in the 1963 Studebaker Avanti down to the vintage furniture shop to see what’s new.


6) You’ve created all sorts of everyday homeware and collectables under the Shag name, but what kind of product would BLOW YOUR MIND to see Shag-branded?

I’d love to design larger home goods like lounge chairs and dining room sets – I’ve been working on some side chairs and small tables, but I’d really like to create a complete living environment.


And with another 6 Questions With piece done and dusted, you all know what comes next…. The Devel Vs Project Garment Reveal!


Stay tuned…