Why hello there!  My name is Danielle and I am a fashion designer, photographer, and writer based in Auckland, New Zealand.  My love of designing fun and unique clothes started early in life for me, and I haven’t been able to give it up since! My love of all things mid-century is voiced in many of my designs, and every so often my penchant for the amusing and adorable also comes out to play.

While I love the creative outlet and personalised story that fashion allows us, I am much less of a fan of the destruction that fast fashion is having on our world.  To this end, I pride myself on being able to create clothing that not only fits like a glove, suits the wearer and their personality to a tee, but also is classic in cut and style to last in someone’s wardrobe for years and years to come.

To create fun and bold covet-able fashion items, for the fun and bold in our artistic, creative and vintage-loving communities.  Clothes with strong personalities; designed to make you smile, and customised to make you feel like your true badass self.

If you too love quirky fun designs, and clothes that sing to your soul, then you’ve found your oasis amongst the noise of the fast-paced fashion world.

Enjoy your stay!


Danielle is the passionate fashion designer behind Devel Men & Women, who shows she  really understands the needs of her customers by creating custom, unique garments which not only fit like a glove, but which also reflect the style and personality of the person who is wearing them.  She takes the time to get to know as much as she can about each of her clients, designing each garment in collaboration with the person who is going to end up wearing it. She has worked with many local and international artists, musicians, pin-up models and other personalities.

Her clients include award-winning musicians Tami Neilson and Jennie Skulander (Devilskin), award-winning pin-up models Miss Victory Violet, Miss Bettie Rage, Miss Monique Sweet, Miss Ruby Rabbit and Miss Charlotte Cake, California-based lowbrow artists Shag and Keith Weesner, and roller derby powerhouse Samara Pepperell (aka Lady Trample, founder of Chicks In Bowls). Danielle and her work has been featured in many fashion and lifestyle publications and blogs, including the NZ Herald, Viva Magazine (NZ Herald), Glory Days Magazine, FashioNZNZ Women’s Weekly, NZ Rodder Magazine, NZ Weddings Magazine, Hello Dashfield blog, Chic and Street blog, Most Wanted Vintage blog, BonBon Girls blog, and the blogs of Miss Victory Violet, Miss Charlotte Cake and Bettie Rage.  Her work has also been featured on the VVtv vintage-lifestyle web-series, and on crime drama Brokenwood Mysteries (South Pacific Pictures).

After dreaming of fashion design all through her teens, Danielle completed her Bachelor of Art & Design in Fashion in 2006, and has been making clothing and fashion accessories under the Devel Men & Women label ever since.  In her graduating year she was awarded with the Excellence in Fashion Design award from AUT, and has continued to show her strength in this area through the unique custom design work she does with Devel.


When I’m not designing or sewing, I enjoy creating gorgeous images and enthusiastic and witty writing for my blog.  If you spot me on the bus or ferry I’m likely to have my nose in a non-fiction book, learning more about street cultures, fashion history, food and health, or how to sustain a successful creative business.  I love underground and alternative music, my gal pals, my home town, dark and witty comics, and probably most of all, ICECREAM.  Oh and of course, my husband Steve devel_heart


Welcome to my world,