Collaborate with Devel on clothes designed for the most special occasion of all:

Your Fabulous Life.


The Devel custom design process will see you fitted with the most flattering and personal garment you’ve ever dreamed of, letting you get busy taking on the world, comfortable in the knowledge that when wearing Devel, you step with your best foot forwards at all times.


You have a strong sense of who you are and what you like, and enjoy your wardrobe being an extension of this.  You are fun to be around, the life of the party, and love looking a little different from your peers.  You might have bright pink skyscraper hair, or tattoos up to your neck.  You might prefer to wear black head-to-toe, or maybe print-on-print.  You’re likely to prefer your music on vinyl, and your art to feature strong sultry sirens.  Babe, you’re a cool kid. Finding clothing that is your definition of cool and fits your specific brand of curves is a tough game.  You want what you want, but don’t want to compromise on important features like fit, colour, print, and length.  Without those boxes ticked, you’ll never really truly love the garment, it won’t get pulled out to play that often, and when it does, you just won’t feel like you.


Devel is your place to create the dreamiest of dream garments.  A garment never seen before, a garment that will tell the world: “This is Me, I’m Badass, Deal With It.”



Hi! I’m Danielle and I founded the Devel brand in 2006, when I stepped out of university and into the big world.  Armed with a degree in fashion design and an Excellence in Fashion Design award from AUT, I got stuck into making retro accessories and garments for the glamorous and vintage-loving ladies of Auckland.  I also gained invaluable industry experience through working in the design room of my teen-dream clothing company, Illicit Clothing, straight out of university.


Devel happened because my thirst for fashion design is insatiable, and I saw a lack of options in the market for beautifully created garments for the kids like me who were into alternative music genres, hot rods, and the mid-century styles of rockabilly, pin-up and mod.

This alternative/vintage-loving community has grown in leaps and bounds since 2006, as more and more people connect with each other and become bff’s over their common interests.  And I am more than ecstatic to be a part of it all, and that Devel is still producing fun, amusing and confidence-inducing designs, for badass guys and gals.


Devel is a boutique fashion label, that offers a full concept-to-reality design service, and made-to-measure ordering on existing designs.  The Devel workroom is based in Auckland, and is open for consultation by appointment.  Whether you’re after a classic wardrobe staple that fits you like a glove and works with everything else you already own, or the flashiest of flashy pieces of occasion-wear that will tell the world you’re a star, then Devel has you covered. Hey kid, don’t you sweat the attention you get for looking so damn good!  The more you become the person you truly are inside, the lead character of your customised life, the happier you are, the more you can achieve, and the stronger your power of positive-attraction becomes.  Dressing for the life you want to lead is one facet of this, and Devel can help you design the most idealised image of the powerful person you have inside.

If you’re ready to take that step up, and invest in you and a product created with love to your exact blueprint, then please visit the Services page.  If you’d like to join the ever-growing online community of Devel Pals, you can find Devel frivolity happening all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, and of course on The Blog.


Here’s to dressing the part for your fabulous life!