I’ve always debated the belief that the season changes with the beginning of a new month.  I mean, really, how can the weather know that we’ve gone into a new month??  That’s preposterous!  However, every now and then, the seasons prove me wrong.  Like March 1st, when I got sunburnt while freezing my butt off outside in jeans and two layered tops.

This is the cross-over between the NZ summer (sunburn) and autumn (southern snaps).  I love autumn the most; the colours, the crisp sunny days, the lack of sweating caused by just BEING… it’s all very comfortable, and heart-warming.  Get outta here summer, and take your extra-damaging sun-rays with you!



The Summer Go-To with Stockings


In this cross-over period, the change of fashion is easy!

Take one summer dress that you wore a week ago, add one cute cardigan, and add stockings if it is especially crisp that day.  Take one t-shirt worn all summer, add one pair of jeans, and/or light flannel shirt layer.  Guys, swap shorts for jeans (goodbye knees!), and throw on a light long sleeve shirt as an extra layer.  Easy Peasy Lower Degrees… y.



The Summer Go-To with Cardigan (and Cats)


Thank you autumn, you make my air-conditioning-appropriate outfits look more normal on the streets.


Do you have a favourite transeasonal garment?  Do share!