The Begnning…

Another Bday Week done, dusted and thoroughly enjoyed!  My birthday fell on a Sunday this year, and I worked most of the day before it at a new winter-season vintage market, so it was all a bit awkward to try do something big and raucous that weekend.  Instead I started the celebrations a cheeky day early, by having a fun and relaxing date night with my wonderful husband, where we filled our bellies with delicious food at Tok Tok, and got silly over a flaming volcano cocktail at Bedford Soda & Liquor.

We slept in a little on my actual birthday, then met my family for lunch at Bread & Butter Bakery (their Avocado Breakfast Salad is a fave!).  With the rest of the day open, we decided to keep it chill by playing video games at ours, with lots of games snacks and a delectable Viennetta for dessert… omnomnom.  The plan was for an ice-cream cake, but turns out that must’ve been a 90’s/00’s thing, and the supermarkets have since given up stocking them!  I’ll have to plan better next year, and order one from ice-cream-Wendy’s or something.  Mmmmm ice-cream….

The Middle…

I had a normal ol’ week at work and the like, with some baby cupcakes shared around on one day, and some bday vintage window-shopping on Etsy and Ebay, looking for a pressie from the lovely hubby.  I’ve also got a tee coming from Flaming Mamie, which I’m pretty darn excited about!


Talulah - Britomart

Photo from Talulah

The Blowout…

Last Saturday was the night for friends, tiki drinks and throwback tunes, and we had a BALL settled into a couchy corner of the new tiki bar in town, Talulah.  The drinks were gorgeous and delicious, and our crew were gorgeous and hilarious!  Best. Night. Ever.  We rubbed shoulders with the TV3-famous, and lined our stomachs with Better Burger chips on the way home, before crashing into bed in the wee hours of the morning, my beehive still intact.  Sunday was put aside for hung vege-out, in which the hubby and I spent eating our comfort, playing video games, while also bingeing through season two of Westside.  It was perfect.

Now, you may have wondered one of these past years…

Why Do I ‘Bday Week’?

I’ve found as a business solo-owner/operator over the past many years that time with friends and family shrunk, and putting aside time to spend time with them at the time of my bday was one of easiest and enjoyable ways to catch up with lots of different groups of people.  Spreading out lil personal dates and activities when you know you have a great bloody excuse to, just makes a lot of sense to me.  I get that business-owner/over-achiever guilt of needing to be doing productive things all the time, so this is what works for me.  I also make sure to put aside time for friends when it is their birthdays; I just feel that bdays are darn important, as you’re celebrating that person being in your life.

Tell me, why shouldn’t you (or your friends) feel special and free and relaxed for a week out of the year??  And who doesn’t like a party??  And ice-cream, and laughing, and hugs, and bonding, and dancing, and cocktails, and dressing fancy, and brunch, and video games, and downtime, and sleeping in…..  Just makes sense really.


Just try it out.  Give it a go.  I think you’ll be a Bday Week convert too!