Before we get stuck into some TAKE-MY-MONEY madness, let’s sit quietly for a sec and remember what is really important.

Bargain prices are great at encouraging purchasing, absolutely!  And who doesn’t love a good score??

BUT… be careful of how it affects you.  Buying lots of things because they’re cheap leads to complacency in what you have, with a higher tendency to not look after what you have, and cultivates a throw-away culture when it comes to our ‘stuff’.

Give a thought to where your shiny new things have come from.  Have they hurt people, animals or the environment on their way into your hands?  If you’re not paying the full price of what something is worse, there is a high chance that someone else, somewhere else is.  Let Mindfulness be at the forefront this Black Friday, and in the words of Dame Vivienne Westwood…


Black Friday! | Devel Men & Women


Because Cool Consumers are Conscious Consumers,