The whole process was a breeze, with Danielle keeping me up to date the whole way through and coming to me with the ideas she had along the way. She’s a true visionary. She had my style all wrapped up in one garment. The hardest part was deciding what one to chose when I wanted them all! This capelet is pure decadence and is definitely one of my most prized pieces in my wardrobe. I would definitely recommend having a custom piece made by Devel to anyone.

Ruby Rabbit

International Pin-Up Model and Hair Stylist

You know those vintage items that you always lust over but you can just never find in your measurements? That was me when it came to 1940’s suit skirts. Danielle took my dream to own one and created the most gorgeous purple wool suit I’ve ever seen. The quality of not only the materials used but the craftsmanship blew me away and I absolutely loved the added patch on the inside that will forever remind me of the celebration piece that is The Victory Violet Suit.  Danielle’s attention to detail, communication and commitment to the fit of the suit made the whole experience a dream and I cannot thank her enough!
Miss Victory Violet

Pin-Up Model and Hairdresser

Working with Danielle was an absolute pleasure and it was so quick and easy! She understands how a garment should fit, feel and look and takes absolute pride and ownership of every step of the progress from initial sketches, samples to finished product. The Samara Skater Skirt is the perfect circle skirt for any pin up, retro fan or roller girl. The fabric is made for twirling, and spinning whether you’re in heels or skates! Danielle pours her heart into each of her garments and when you own a piece of Devel clothing you know it’s worth every penny. Wearing a Devel item out and about guarantees dropped jaws and compliments. I highly recommend contacting Danielle for your next piece of custom couture, you won’t regret it.

Samara Pepperell

Founder of Chicks In Bowls, and Roller Derby Queen

I LOVE my Charlotte Cake Apron – it’s incredibly comfortable which is perfect when I’m rushing about in my kitchen. The fabric is super soft and the baby blue and white go together perfectly in crisp, clean harmony. It was exactly what I envisioned when Danielle mentioned the idea of a custom apron. The design process was so super fast too, Danielle is incredibly speedy and I couldn’t believe how quickly she made this up for me. I will definitely be getting more items made from Devel and already have my eye on a few pieces from her Freshly Squeezed collection.

Miss Charlotte Cake

Pin-Up Model and Vintage Baker

I Love the Devilskin Dress Danielle made for me.  In my favourite colours red and black, It is perfect to wear to any sort of occasion!  I have worn this dress to weddings, out on the town and even Halloween!. The garment feels beautiful and fits my curves well.  One of my favorite details on the dress is the Devil tail on the back!  Gives the dress real character and acts up to its name! Danielle was able to present to me a number of designs from which I got to choose the perfect one, and her communication was quick and thorough.  I really enjoyed having her make this garment for me.  I would definitely love to have another piece made by Devel in the future.  Devel is perfect if you are looking for a one of a kind piece!

Jennie Skulander

Lead Vocalist of award-winning metal band, Devilskin

The Watermelon Skirt – the clothing equivalent to Bieber Fever.  Originally created to be an eye catching statement; the watermelon skirt was designed by Danielle from a cardigan that I had purchased and was saving for ‘something special’. Throughout the process Danielle was an AMAZING communicator. She made sure that I was aware of all aspects of the skirt (and had input), every step of the way.  When I finally got to wear my custom skirt (hidden away until the big event that it was made for)… I literally blew away the competition – every single person commented on the amazingness that was the Watermelon Skirt!  It even helped me win the competition! I would highly recommend Danielle for any custom outfit and not just because she creates made to fit, amazingly executed creations – but because she offers a fully tailored design solution. You can go to her with a completely obscure ideas and give her next to nothing to work off of, and she will deliver unique options, which in this day in age is very hard to find.

Miss Monique Sweet

Pin-Up Model and VVtv Presenter

I absolutely love Danielle’s custom smoking jacket. I love it so much I’ve passed out a few times in it after shows – to be honest it’s kept it’s shape very well.  Danielle delivered on her measurements. The abdomen, the shoulder is easy and sloped, sleeve lengths bang-on and overall the garment feels relaxed – a description not often associated with structured evening wear. Functionality and cut aside (all boxes ticket there m8), the aesthetic is top notch.  A dark cloth (essential for dinner jackets in my opinion) in midnight, embroidered, with silk lapels and details to finish. Shawl lapels work extremely well with my shape – I can’t explain it, they just do. I’m a happy boy.

Sal Valentine

Lead Vocalist of Sal Valentine & the Babyshakes

I found the process from start to finish to be nothing but excitement.  We communicated through emails (which were always promptly answered) and it seemed Danielle saw exactly what I wanted from the beginning.  She made the decision making process throughout clear and easy, and she delivered something that exceeded my expectations. The Vonski Trench has become my go-to clothing statement.  The cropped length and peplum waist is tailored perfectly.  Wearing it is really comfortable and I love feeling how beautifully well-made the garment is. I highly recommend Danielle to anyone who wants a unique statement piece in their wardrobe.

Von Vonski

Pin-Up Model and TV Host

To say that I was thrilled with the 50’s red wool capelet that Danielle created for me would be an understatement. The detail and care that she took creating the piece really took it to the next level. Not only is it made from wool to ensure that it will live a long life (and be snug!), she also took the time to paint a beautiful portrait in the lining – a secret feature that I hadn’t even requested, and a truly custom touch. Danielle’s communication is always clear and timely, so I have complete faith that the garment will be as I would like it, and finished in time for the date/event that I had intended.

Morgie Lee

Pin-Up Model and Vintage Hair Stylist

I contacted Devel after seeing Trample (Samara Pepperell) wearing her skater skirt.  I needed to have one. A lady called Danielle replied quickly and provided me with all the information I needed.  I then replied with my measurements that they required as well as what colour I had decided on. The whole process was quick and before I knew it the skirt was delivered!  It fits perfectly and is of the highest quality materials. I would definitely get another garment made by this team, as well as recommended them to my family and friends.

DeArna Branson

Pin-Up Model and Roller Derby Player

I absolutely love my skirt!  It fits like a dream and knowing it was hand-made to my specs makes it extra special.  Of course, one of my favourite details is the skater legs coming up from the bottom of the skirt.  Skating was a big part of my life when I played roller derby and I still have a love affair with my roller skates – so this skirt is more fuel for that love <3
My other favourite part of the skirt is the waistband that doesn’t roll or lose its shape.  The waist stays in place and looks hella sharp!
Danielle is super communicative and returned my emails within 24 hours.  She is clear about what to expect about the process and the finished product.  And it arrived sooner than I anticipated!  I would definitely buy another custom piece that speaks to me by Danielle.
Elvira M.

Roller Girl

You know when something makes you feel special? This. is. it. Without fail every time I wear the Sprinkles & Cream Mini-Dress someone will remark on how awesome it is, and it is great being able to say that it is NZ designed and made. After sighting this dress on Instagram, I asked Ms Devel herself if she would mind modifying and making it a tad longer, which she joyously agreed to. We swapped measurements and off to work she went. Danielle selected awesome fabrics and whipped this up and shipped it out in no time at all.  It fits perfectly and to date this dress has got me through winter with tights and seamlessly into bare legs and summer. I’ve worn it to work and on the town – a luscious combination of glamour with some cheeky practicality with the pockets. The sprinkles detailing is a real eye catcher.

Mireille C.

Retro Clothing Lover

Danielle has made pieces for me in the past, and when it was time to get an outfit sorted for my secret elopement and Paris photo shoot, I knew I needed Danielle’s help. I was vague about what I wanted; a full skirt that has some red in it. Danielle took me fabric shopping, where she made suggestions and talked me through different options. Once I had agonised over which fabric to choose, and my measurements and length were finalised, the skirt was lovingly made well before I actually needed it. This gave me extra time to find the perfect accessories.
I couldn’t have been happier with Danielle’s creation. It was perfect for my registry office marriage, swanning around Paris, cruising the Seine River and a banquette celebration with my new family in Taiwan.
Thank you Danielle for another treasured piece of clothing xxx
Anna H.

Fashion Production Manager