Did you catch my two Rosie The Riveter inspired shoots last week?  The one with sultry pinup Velvet Decollette in a classic car garage?  And the other with rollerskating powerhouse Lady Trample in a sunny skatepark?  They’re both full of feminine power and fun, so go check them out!



You may have noticed that the new Rosie Shirt, while deliciously retro in style, has been kept very classic in detailing.  This was indeed with some thought behind it.  The sharp but understated detailing leaves you, the proud new owner of a Rose Shirt, all the power in terms of how you’d like to style it.  Maybe you’re in love with the clean utilitarian style of the shirt as it is, buttoned to the neck and worn tucked into something high-waisted (like the Pinup Shorts), just like our Rosie of old, or tied up under the bust, like the cutesy pinup you are.  Or perhaps you feel yourself a bit more ‘alternative’, and love making everything you own truly yours, by applying your creative hand to them.  The Rosie Shirt comes to you, ready for fitting into the life you want for it.

Here’s a couple of customisation ideas for you, to add a little of your personal style into the Rosie Shirt….


Collar Pin

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this before, but in the classic Rosie The Riveter poster, Rosie has a pin on her right collar.  After doing a lil research, I found out from Rosie’s Daughters that this was infact Rosie’s Employment Badge.  This was essentially the 1940’s version of our ID/swipe-cards of today; it had your employee photo, your employee number and the name of the company you worked for.  During the war-period, these were given out to women who were employed in factories, and when the war ended they were requested to return them for destruction.  Some women kept theirs (good on them!), and some women went on to campaign for greater female employment opportunities (extra good on them!).


Rosie The Riveter


So, again inspired by the Rosie of old, here’s a few ideas of pins to incorporate into your customised Rosie look:

You could express your taste in music…


Rosie Shirt with Sex Pistols Lapel Pin


You could tell the world you’re a strident feminist punk…


Rosie Shirt with Feminist Punk Lapel Pin


You could support a local artist, like Misery and Pepper Raccoon here, and show your cute and creative side…


Rosie Shirt with Misery Lapel Pin

Swearing Is Caring - Pepper Raccoon

Swearing Is Caring Pin by Pepper Raccoon


Or you could support a local artist AND express your feminist-tendencies with this awesome Lipstick Feminism pin by Evie Kemp


Rosie Shirt with Lipstick Feminism Lapel Pin



Shoulder Sleeve Patch

The traditional purpose of shoulder sleeve patches is typically to identify a soldier’s division (where and who they belong to), and according to US Armed Forces uniform rulings, patches for active duty are worn on the left shoulder, while patches that signify previous service are worn on the right.  Whether you regard yourself as part of the war on patriarchy or whether you just like the vintage utilitarian aesthetic of a shoulder patch, there’s all sorts of cute and feisty patches on the market to help express how you identify yourself:


Rosie Shirt with Tank Girl Sleeve Patch

Official Tank Girl Patch

Girls To The Front Patch by halfstitchembroidery 

Pinky Swear Patch by Sugarbones


And while you’re at it, you could always add a cute round or novelty-shaped patch to the back pocket of the Pinup Shorts.  I love love LOVE the quirky idea of the Tuesday Bassen lollipop patch looking like you have a lollipop stuck to your butt!


Pinup Shorts with Tank Girl Bum Patch

Eat It Patch by Pretty Bad Co.



Back Patch

And I’ve saved the biggest and boldest for last; the back patch.  The back of the Rosie Shirt boasts the most real estate for customisation.  Seen here is the stunning, California dream-inducing Paradise back patch from Chicks in Bowls.  Skateparks at dusk are a magical place

Again, you could use this bigger space to express your love for music, art, culture, or humour.  Or even your love for unicorns, mermaids, pizza, donuts or cute and silly kitties.  The possibilities are endless!  And if you sew your patches on (rather than ironing them on), then you enjoy the freedom of switching them out whenever you feel like it!


Rosie Shirt with Chicks In Bowls Back Patch

Rosie Shirt with Chicks In Bowls Back Patch

Paradise Patch by Chicks in Bowls

Don’t Gimme A Cause Patch by Sugarbones



Fashion is made to be played with, so go on, it’s play time!




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