So along with having some big thoughts about what on earth I’m going to do about all this fashion stuff in 2017, I also made the big decision to let my beloved Plymouth go.  The Plymouth (what I affectionately called her) and I had been together eight years; she was my first car, my first big purchase and I loved her a lot.  So, as you can imagine, it was a tough decision to make.

The deciding factor was that she hadn’t been used much the last couple of years, and that broke my heart, because I knew it was bad for her.  And owning a classic car comes with great responsibility; especially one that was still 90-odd% original, and in (relatively) good working order.  It became apparent that our lifestyles had changed enough over the years that the Plymouth’s up-keep was pushed into the ‘do-it-later’ list.  And that was sad.

No matter how hard the decision to sell was, and watching her drive away, the sell story is beautiful!

Some 6-odd years ago I was contacted by a lovely girl from up north, called Kelly.  She and her beau Luke were getting married, and she asked if I could make Luke and their 6-yo ring-bearer matching black and red western shirts, for their rockabilly-style wedding.  Of course I said yes; big and little matching western shirts are some of the fun I’ve had with Devel over the years.  While the order was underway Kelly also asked if I knew anyone with a classic car they could maybe use for their wedding car, and I said I knew a couple people and that I had a pretty rough’n’ready classic myself.  I showed her pictures of the Plymouth’s matt black paint work and splitting leather upholstery, and she loved it!  So not only was I their wedding shirt-maker, Steve and I also became their wedding car drivers.  It was a wonderful day and Luke and Kelly were sweet enough to invite us to stay for the reception, but we had to get back to Auckland for a Halloween event.

We remained friends with Kelly and Luke over the years and would always see them at VVDO in Auckland.  They had always expressed their love for the Plymouth, and said if we ever thought of selling her, to let them know.  So once I had worked through all my thoughts and emotions over the decision of selling, I made contact with them, and they were over the moon!  We settled before Christmas, they made one trip to check her out, and another to work on her and miraculously drive her to her new home up north.  And they’ve been enjoying her and sprucing her up ever since!  They’ve shown her so much love and care, that the end of my chapter with the Plymouth just feels beautiful 

So finish up, here’s a visual timeline of my chapter with my first beautiful car…


First event outing: Retro Vixens 2009, Auckland


A Night With Lady Luck Collection, Summer 2009


Beach Hop 2010, Whangamata


Work Xmas Party 2010, Auckland


Luke & Kelly’s Wedding, Oct 2011, Tutukaka


Retro Vixens 2011, Auckland


Our Wedding, 2013, Auckland


VVDO 2015, Auckland



Goodbye, you beautiful baby!