If you’re anything like me, you love to make things for people for Christmas.  Whether it’s pop-up cards, Christmas stockings or cookies; a gift that is handmade, is a gift of love.

If you love the idea of giving something handcrafted and hate the idea of entering another  bustley Westfield mall this year, BUT you don’t have the time or the handydandy skills to make gifty things, then I have the solution for you!  Craft and Artisan Markets.  Craftisan Markets.

There are 360 different markets happening all over the country in the next month, and some of those are occurring more than once before Christmas is upon us.  So no-one misses out!  There are markets on the coast, there are markets at schools, there are markets in the street, and markets indoors.  NZ is full of crafty people making things; that’s how we DO.


Favourites on the horizon are The Wee Tea Party Fete, Crafternoon Tea Market, Frakenkraft, and the Art & Craft Fair in Auckland, the Well Made Craft Fair and Craft 2.0 Christmas in the Wellington region, and the It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Market and Craft Love Festival in Christchurch.

If you are looking for craft supplies to make your own goodies, there are markets for that too!  Fabric-a-brac and Papercraft are definitely worth checking out in the Auckland area.  Papercraft even has demos and a Make and Take table, yay!

If felted foxes and artisan greeting cards aren’t your bag baby, then there are other cool markets on too; notably ANY vintage or garage sale (this, this and this are good examples) and a new record market being held at the tiniest rock venue in town, Lucha Lounge.

Oh the choices!  No more online shopping in the dark, get out and enjoy summer with a good ol’ NZ market.