To my beloved Dominate Jacket.

You were bred out of my love for 1950’s juvenile delinquent style and vintage sleaze.

You carry with you all the sassy confidence that I housed in my early twenties; all that confidence quite literally stitched into your back.

You lift me up with that stitched-in confidence every time I slip you on; I can’t help but get a bit strutty.

Your faux zebra fur lining in the back keeps out the winter chills, and makes me feel safe and protected.

Your pointy statement collar and cuffs are chic and brazen all at the same time, and I love it.

Your matt satin body is lushous and your matt chrome silver snaps are super mod cool.

Your wide waistband fits me just so damn GOOD, cinching in where I love it most.

Your sparkling silver back patch embroidery is bright and shiny and cannot be ignored.  Even though I didn’t request the pattern that was embroidered over your 6-inch heel, I have come to love it none-the-less.

You lift every outfit to a new level of badass, and are a perfect match to wiggle skirts, full-skirted dress, leg-hugging jeans and butt-hugging short-shorts a-like.

Weren’t we both all a-flutter when Dita said she loved you too??  Your magic still burns strong, even after all these years!

I love you Dominate Jacket, we’ve done nine beautiful and sassy years together, and I look forward to carrying you with me always 



This has been a garment Love Story, as part of Fashion Revolution Week.  Loving and caring for the clothes that you have, reduces the high consumption rate of clothing, which we know comes at a great cost to our environment and fellow people.

Share your garment love story this week in writing, photos or video.  It doesn’t have to be long, it just has to be full of love!