Did you catch my post yesterday which introduced the newest additions to the Devel Women collection, The Pinup Shorts and The Rosie Shirt?  If not, you’re in for a treat!  A sultry, retro, pinup treat that is; featuring Velvet DeCollette, a classic car garage and a pair of cherry Docs.  Hop on over and enjoy!

If you’re all caught up and wanting more, I have the pleasure of presenting to you my second Rosie-The-Riveter inspired performance, ‘Rosie The Rollerskater’, featuring the fiercely impressive Lady Trample (of Chicks In Bowls fame) and her athletic prowess…. Enjoy!



The Rosie Shirt and Pinup Shorts are available in the webstore NOW!

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A HUGE thank you to Samara (Lady Trample) for putting The Rosie Shirt and Pinup Shorts to the real test, and showing us how it’s DONE!  Especially in the high summer heat of Auckland city!

No matter what kind of Rosie you are, all Rosie’s are total boss babes.





Photos:  Devel
Model:  Samara Pepperell aka Lady Trample
T-Shirt:  Chicks In Bowls
Rollerskates:  Model’s own
Location:  Nixon Park Skatepark, Auckland


Extras for Experts: Did you like this? Then you might also get a kick out of the collaborative design project Samara and I worked on, resulting in the Samara Skater Skirt!