This is a new version of my most favourite, most versatile skirt in my wardrobe.  I love this skirt so much that I have two of them, both in red, and I wear them TO DEATH at work, all throughout spring, summer, and autumn.  Team it with some thick tights and a cute sweater and you can rock the Sherry Skirt through winter too!


The Sherry Skirt by the sea | Devel Women

The Sherry Skirt | Devel Women


While I love my red Sherry Skirts to pieces, I needed a navy one to go with this highly coveted Lena Hoschek blouse I nabbed on ebay.  The blouse features a button-up and tie front across the bust, cute puffy sleeves and a signature red heart Lena Hoschek patch with a wee crowned piggie on top.  The fabric is a white base with thin yellow and navy stripes, and while I could wear my red skirts with it, I felt a navy skirt would make a stronger combo.


Lena Hoschek tie-front blouse with a navy gathered Sherry Skirt

Signature red heart Lena Hoschek patch on striped puffy blouse sleeve


Can I just say how much I luuuuurrrve Lena Hoschek’s work??  She does classy-but-sexy vintage-inspired styles, which I’m ALL about.  She herself is a bit punk-rock, but she presents herself very professionally, looks like she’s having fun doing what she’s doing, and she produces some super duper beautiful pieces.  I’ve been keen on one of her signature tie-front blouses for an AGE, so when one popped up on ebay, I pounced quick-smart!  I would have loved to have visited one of her stores when we were in Europe a few years back, but unfortunately we were nowhere near Austria.  I saw she did a pop-up shop in London a week or so ago; I woulda been there on opening night, if I was allowed!  Otherwise I’d have been just peering in through the window, haha!

And I thought, while I’m making a whole new Sherry skirt from scratch, why NOT add pockets too??  So there you are, the most versatile skirt just even more versatile!


The Sherry Skirt, with side-pockets | Devel Women

The Sherry Skirt | Devel Women


If you’d like a Sherry Skirt of your own for this warm party season, I’ve added the new version with pockets to the webstore, in three colourways of Red, Navy and the classic Black.

I guarantee that, like me, you’ll be wearing this skirt alllll summer long!