Merry Christmas All!

Hope you have had or are having a magical day; full of fun, family and food!  Being in NZ means we get to see Christmas first, and our day is done and dusted.  And it was a typical Auckland Christmas Day, with both sun and rain.  And a typical Bunkall Christmas Day, with lots of food and catching up!

I put together a festive summer outfit for the day, by teaming a powder blue striped top I made for mine and Steve’s engagement party last year, with my go-to full red Sherry Skirt from my Devel Women range.  The skirt is one of my favourite basics, as it matches well with so many colours.  And for me, who has a magpie-eye for printed fabrics, it’s nice to have something in a block colour to team my fun prints with!  The shape of the skirt is also a favourite of mine for summer, as the only part of the skirt that really touches your body is the waistband, keeping your legs nice and cool.  The shape is also an instant-vintage touch, and was developed from a vintage 60s design.  It’s easy option to wear with ballet flats or heels.

The top I made from my favourite vintage 60s bateau top pattern, out of a powder blue and white striped stretch cotton fabric.  I embellished the front with red ribbon, with little bow details on each ribbon stripe.  I originally made the top to be teamed with a baby blue skirt, which really makes the red ribbon detail pop, but I also love it with the Sherry Skirt too!  I love the combination of the bold red against the softer powder blue; it has both boldness and whimsy, all at the same time.



If you love the look of the Sherry Skirt, I still offer this style by custom order (NZD$100).