Are you ready to dress for the most fabulous, badass life you can imagine?


Devel specialises in personal branding, custom design, and made-to-measure garments, so whether you’re after a classic wardrobe staple that fits you like a glove, or the flashiest of flashy pieces of occasion-wear, then Devel has you covered.


I work one-on-one with clients to design what their dream garment would look and feel like, to make their dreams a gorgeous functional reality.  By allowing me to take reign on the design side of things, you are assured that all the different details and features you have requested have been thoroughly thought through from a functional, wearable design aspect.  Your personalised garment will then stand up to the test of what it means to be a part of your badass life.

Personal Styling

Deciding on the way you want to present yourself to the world is a personal and intimate journey.  The way you present yourself has been proven to open up or squander opportunities.  I’ll assist you with strengthening the aesthetic component of your personal brand, to help you to realise your truest badass self.

Custom Design

Once we both have an idea of the kind of image you would like to send out into the world, we will then apply that to a dream garment you have been pining for.  We will work your desires and interests into a personalised garment.  You will be provided with options and variations, to ensure that you fall in love with the design.


Tailoring a personalised image doesn’t stop with the aesthetic.  The fit of a garment is just as important, if not more-so, than the epic design you apply to it.  A well-cut piece of clothing does wonders for a person’s self-image and their level of confidence when they step out the door.  Your personalised garment will be made to fit you like a dream.

Keen to get started? 

Please fill out the contact form, noting any ideas, requirements or deadlines you may already have in mind, and fire away with any questions that come to you. 

I look forward to hearing from you!