Only two sleeps ‘til Halloween!  And with it falling on a Saturday this year, there’s all sorts of awesome gigs and parties going on around the place…  So no excuses!

I thought I’d do a different take on a Halloween styling post, by showing you how you can take your everyday wardrobe items and turn them into something fun and/or spooky for Halloween.  Or on the flip-side, how you can add your new costume pieces back to your wardrobe, rather than being stuffed into that dress-up bag/box/trunk and only being worn again next year (or maybe in 2020).  Call it Holistic Halloween!


Halloween Wardrobe Staples - Devel Men & Women

Halloween Wardrobe Staples - Devel Men & Women

Classic Black Dress, Skirt or Anything Really.

Accessorise and go as a goth, heavy metaller, gothy Lolita, punk, Audrey in Breakfast At Tiffany’s, witch, any member of the Addam’s Family, cat, Black Widow or Catwoman.  The circle skirt was a self-made from yonks ago, the socks were from Farmers.


Halloween Wardrobe Staples - Devel Men & Women

Black & White Stripes.

Be it tops or socks, black and white stripes are classic as all hell.  They can be dressed up french chic or dressed down into some sort of Living Dead Doll look.  You could be a spy, you could be a mime, you could be a psychobilly hellcat, a Ramone, or Elvis from Jailhouse Rock.  The top was a self-made from yonks ago.


Halloween Wardrobe Staples - Devel Men & Women

Bold Red Dress or Skirt, & Killer Heels.

These work as easy statement pieces for everyday wear, but can be styled in many-a halloween outfit; cheeky Devils, sultry nurses, sexpot Jessica Rabbit, a Sin City dame, or Dorothy.  The skirt is the Sherry Skirt by Devel Women, and is my weekly go-to.  The heels were from Wild Pair, and stockings were from Smith & Caugheys.


Halloween Wardrobe Staples - Devel Men & Women

Black Lace and Fishnets.

They’re a lil gothy, a lil Spanish, a lil Dia de Los Muertos, and on a normal day they’re both pretty damn smokin’ glam!  The lace top was thrifted,


Halloween Wardrobe Staples - Devel Men & Women

Leopard Print Anything, And Everything.

If you’re an everyday rockabilly, psychobilly, punk, alt or filthy rocker kid, then leopard print most certainly works for you.  Wear leopard upon leopard for Halloween and goes as, you guessed it, a leopard.  Go as a caveman/woman, or Cheryl West, trailer trash with beer-can rollers, or glam rocker.


Halloween Wardrobe Staples - Devel Men & Women

Cute Capelet.

A coveted trans-season piece, too stinkin’ cute to pass up having in at least one colour.  And for Halloween you could be a little french Madeline, or a Wes Anderson character, a good or bad witch, a Call The Midwife heroine, or rep your favourite House at Hogwarts.  The wool capelet is by Devel Women.


Halloween Wardrobe Staples - Devel Men & Women

A Wool Beret.

This is my go-to winter hat option.  It keeps me warm, squashes down into my bag when I’m not wearing it, and is bright, cheerful and classy.  Team this with the cute capelet to complete your french chic or Wes Anderson look.  Or maybe go as a spy, a beatnik, or be the Bonnie to your Clyde.  The beret was from Swonderful Boutique.


Halloween Wardrobe Staples - Devel Men & Women

Party Animal Accessories.

So these might less of a staple, and more of a fun, frivolous item that can transcend from being literal kitty and bunny outfits for Halloween, to sweet sparkly accessories fit for birthdays and New Years.  These adorable bunny ears are by Crown & Glory.


Have a peer into your wardrobe and see what you already have collected.  There may be characters yet to be realised in that favourite dress or top or accessory.  Halloween is the perfect time to get creative, and throw some DIY attention at your current wardrobe.

What are you going as this All Hallows Eve?






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