In preparation for this Friday’s retro roll around the rink with the retro-loving Auckland-based Pin Up Honey’s, at Glenfield’s Activzone, I have curated a collection of the very best snippets of retro rollers; both legit vintage and modern homages to rollerskating’s popularity peaks through history…

Use the cute and fun videos as outfit inspo or daring-moves inspo, but above all else, enjoy! devel_heart_solidpurple

NB: If you are coming along on Friday, and are a bit nervous about first-time/rusty skating skills, I highly recommend this (cheesy-AF) instructional video to get an idea of the basics.



Rollerskating in the 1930’s


Little dance shorts, sweet collared shirts and Fred Astaire; the early years of rollerskating started off well!


Style: Retro Rollerskating - 1930's | Devel Men & Women




Rollerskating in the 1950’s


Full skirts, dapper menswear, and wholesome teenage dates at the local indoor rink.


Style: Retro Rollerskating - 1950's | Devel Men & Women





Rollerskating in the 1970’s


The tiniest and tightest of shorts, flowing hair and American sportswear staples.  Oh… and the grooviest moves in town!


Style: Retro Rollerskating - 1970's | Devel Men & Women





Rollerskating TODAY


Aggressive, athletic and anything goes!  Whether you’re a punky tomboy type, or an ultra-femme pinup cutie, rollerskating is fun for ALL in this modern age!


Style: Retro Rollerskating - Modern | Devel Men & WomenPhoto on right: Rollin’ Ragdolls







See you cool cats on the rink!!




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