I’m sure you would have been very aware of the 90’s revival currently going on where all the hip young things shop.  It has changed the silhouettes of clothing to boxy and midi length.  It has changed the colour palette of menswear to include a heavy amount of maroon, grey and forest green.  It has changed the make-up of choice to gothic tones.  It has brought a resurgence of denim cut-offs; or as I’ve seen coined, “Jorts”.  Really?? The preferred name over ‘Jean Shorts’ or ‘Cut-offs’?  Jorts are the new Jeggings.

It’s a love-hate thing for me.  Ok, for the most part, the 90’s revival is all good.  It brings with it an easy-to-achieve look, which you could pick up from any op-shop.  You could even be wearing the real deal, from the ACTUAL 90’s, if you so desired.  Our op-shops are choc-FULL of the stuff!

Which reminds me, wasn’t there a period not too long ago when people would visit places like Savemart and buy the most ugliest thing they could find for a dress-up party, and more often than not that item was from the 90’s?  And then the hipster kids started wearing elements of it in an ironic way, and they stood out like sore thumbs?  And now… the tweens, teens and beyond are all wearing head-to-toe 90s-styled garb.  The life-cycle of a revival trend.

Following a trend is fine, developing a unique personal style is better.  But if trending is what you’re into, please-oh-please keep your good sense handy while doing so!


The On-Trend Ugly:



Another spliced term dreamt up this decade to describe a fairly standard item, in an innovative way?  Just like my friends Jorts and Jeggings.  Flatforms, if the name doesn’t translate well, are flat platform shoes.  We’ve seen the Brothel Creeper make it’s way into the mainstream, which I think spelt the beginning of the flat platforms resurrection.  It was painful for the alternative crowd to see one of their beloved possessions worn by people who didn’t have a music affiliation to the shoe.  But hey, fashion always borrows from the interesting, and it’s never long-lived, especially in this era of Fast Fashion.

Back to the current flatform.  It is the ugliest shoe currently on the market, and I must have missed the genius marketing which made it look anything but ugly to the crowd.  Because they are freakin’ EVERYWHERE.  And I’ve seen many a young girl almost crack her ankle trying to walk on the things.  Of the two camps, flats and heels, flats are supposed to be the comfortable, practical shoe that you can walk for miles in.  Not flatforms.  They’re out to get you and bring you down!


Plastic/Vinyl Clothing

Because it has been long enough since last time, making everyday clothing out of plastic and vinyl seems innovative again.  Space-aged and modern.  Ridiculous and fun.  Look it’s holographic!  LOL.  But why oh why would one want to wear plastic next to their skin?  It doesn’t breathe, not even a little.  This makes it not only superbly uncomfortable, but also a health hazard.  Not to mention the chemicals required to make this ‘innovative’ textile and the fact it won’t bio-degrade.  Plastic clothing is worn once or twice, and then resides in the back of the closet until clothing-donation day.  Then it ends up in a Savemart, and is maybe pulled back into the living world for one special day at a fancy/ugly dress party.  Otherwise, it remains in the piles of un-dead clothing we have produced over the decades.  Save your dollars, and don’t splash out on trendy plastic.


Tie-Dye, Aliens and Smiley-Faces

The psychedelic icons of the 90’s are being re-used as prints on clothing and accessories, just as they were used the first time round.  They haven’t even been re-imagined.  They’re just as bright and gaudy as ever and have been slapped on anything and everything, or made into alien-shaped backpacks and pens (just like the real 90s!).  I was pre-teen the first time they had their day, so I was probably a bit young to really get their meaning or relevance; it all just seemed so bright and cheery!  Oooohhhhhh…. Drug use.  Trippy dippy hippy teens.  Rebellion in full fluorescent colour.


All of this is going to date so quick it’ll make your head spin!  It’s set-up so blatantly as disposable fast fashion.  If I were you, I would steer very very clear.  Going to be weird to see our op-shops full of original and second-time-round 90’s garments.



What the 90’s Revival is Good For:

High-waisted Bottoms

Yay!  They’re everywhere!  And for lovers of the vintage 50’s/60’s silhouette, you can make these items work for you too.  Win win.

Easy Floral Dresses and Skater Dresses

Throw one on and you’re ready to go.  Wear it with Chucks.  Minimal effort, maximum cute!

Oversized Boyfriend Sweaters

Ok, not super flattering or appropriate for all occasions, but great for a cuddly movie night at home.

Print/Logo-less Sportswear

Basic sportswear items we all have in our wardrobes now come without the annoying scratchy logo printed in the latest font type across the front.  This did, however, open the gates for the pocket-tee… So it was almost a complete win.


Do you have a love, hate or love-hate relationship with the 90’s revival?