Before rollerskating I didn’t have any other activities that drew me outside into the sun, other than summertime photo-shoots but of course.  My work keeps me inside and I hadn’t taken part in any organised sport since high-school, so I’ve been happy for the change-up in lifestyle that taking up rollerskating has given me.  It has set me free from office and workroom walls, and makes me dream of the outside and swooshing around on wheels OFTEN.

I love the playfulness and youthfulness of rollerskating, it makes it such an appealing and addictive form of exercise!  Plus, you can pretty much dress in whatever way you like while doing it, which also appeals greatly to a fashion-lover like myself.  Having fun and being playful is such an important part of enjoying life, in my opinion, so I try to make sure that things I choose to do in my spare time are full of fun.  And the more fun that those activities are, the more I tend to make time to do them, which has a nice flow-on effect to creating a healthier work-life balance  Win-win!!

Now, I’m a pale-skinned lass, so I do have to be careful and sun-smart when out having fun in the warm summer weather.  Sunscreen is a MUST!  But being sun-careful and active doesn’t mean you can’t also be as stylish as all hell, so here’s my round up of super cute, super sassy items to put together a Roller Lolita look this summer, whether you’re a roller or skater girl (or both!)….


Cute retro pink rollerskates, full circle skirt, lolita heart sunglasses, strawberry milkshake

Girls Iron-On Patch  Strawberry Milkshake  Gala Darling x Devel RSL Skirt
Sure-Grip Stardust Roller Skates  Glitter Pink Cheryl Sunglasses  Strawberry Lolly Moxi Skates

Moki Hyper Headphones  Watermelon Pink Retro Penny Cruiser   Devel Poolside Shorts
Vans SK8-Hi Retro Skate Shoes  Stay Sick Stance Socks  Bont Skate Co Snapback Cap

Betsy Glitter Cat Ears  Tourmaline Blue Retro Penny Cruiser  Taffy Lolly Moxi Skates
Floss Lolly Moxi Skates
  Girl Gang Merbabe Pin  Lilac Logitech UE WonderBoom

Cherry Red Cheryl Sunglasses  Devel Watermelon Skirt  Cherry Heart Lolli Patch
Poppy Lolly Moxi Skates  Devel Sweetheart Singlet  Hello Kitty x Stance Socks



Getting sporty never looked so good…