Introducing my new Spring/Summer Collection for 2015, featuring bright statement skirts, crisp white shirts and comfy chic tees.

The inspiration behind the Freshly Squeezed concept came from working with the fun and bubbly local pin-up, Miss Monique Sweet.

You may remember the epic Watermelon Skirt we worked on together for her Miss Moonshine entry earlier this year.  Monique and her custom skirt were award-winners, and went on to be featured in the NZ Women’s Weekly, as well as all over social media.  Anyone who came in contact with the skirt squealed with delight at its whimsy; the excitement was soon followed by Watermelon Fever (or envy!).  Well, we got to talking and decided that this wouldn’t be the end for fun fruit skirts!

Monique was keen on a zesty lemon version next, which of course I was ecstatic about, as the Watermelon Skirt had been one of the MOST fun garments I’d ever made.  With Monique’s blessing I took the concept a step further and designed a mini range of bright and cheerful citrus skirts for summer, for all to enjoy!

I’ve created two brand new, classic separates to team with these colourfully animated skirts, or any other favourite skirt, shorts, or pants you have in your wardrobe already.  One is the sharp GirlBoss Blouse, with its take-no-prisoners stand-up collar.  The other is the soft and stylish Bess Tee, with a high bateau-style front and elegant v-neck back.

The style of the garments I felt had a classy 1950’s summer holiday feel to them, and what better way to celebrate a summer holiday than with girlfriends, gelato and Vespa joy-riding?!  See The Twin-Ups, Soda Fontaine and Miss Charlotte Cake, beam and glow under the summer sun, having fun in their vibrant outfits, coming off all Roman Holiday Audrey-chic.

If you’d like to find out more about each piece, or special order any of the garments for your summer wardrobe, just click on the garment title devel_heart  Enjoy!


Lime Soda Wiggle and Full Skirt | Devel Women


Lime Soda Full Skirt | Devel Women

Lime Soda Full Skirt


Lime Soda Wiggle Skirt | Devel Women

Lime Soda Wiggle Skirt


Pink Grapefruit Fizz Full and Wiggle Skirts | Devel Women


Pink Grapefruit Fizz Full Skirt | Devel Women

Pink Grapefruit Fizz Full Skirt


Pink Grapefruit Fizz Wiggle Skirt | Devel Women

Pink Grapefruit Fizz Wiggle Skirt


Lemonade Wiggle and Full Skirts | Devel Women


Lemonade Full Skirt | Devel Women

Lemonade Full Skirt


Lemonade Wiggle Skirt | Devel Women

Lemonade Wiggle Skirt


Girlboss Blouse | Devel Women

The GirlBoss Blouse


Bess Tee | Devel Women

The Bess Tee


Lemonade Full Skirt | Devel Women


Sit back with a cool glass of Lemonade, Lime Soda or Pink Grapefruit Fizz this summer!


Fresh is Best,






Photos:  Devel
Models:  The TwinupsSoda Fontaine and Miss Charlotte Cake
Location: Devonport, Auckland