Bettie Biker Jacket | Devel Men & Women


Our Bettie Rage may be a cutie-pie diner doll by day, but she is truly a badass at heart.  If you missed seeing her performance in the Miss PinUp New Zealand competition, she put together a vintage motorbike right in front of the crowd, while also miming along to ‘Rosie the Riveter’ by The Four Vagabonds, flashing us that dazzling smile, and giving us a strong Rosie pose and wink once she was done.  She also performed a sultry burlesque performance in her competition entry video, in the true authentic style of history’s most badass of burlesque babes, Bettie Page.  She has tattoos of monsters and graveyards, she listens to Tiger Army and Nekromantix, and has a mischievous glint in her eye.

When I asked her what garment she would most love to add to her already gorgeous pinup wardrobe, she had to have a think, but settled on a black cropped rockabilly jacket.  I sketched up a few ideas, featuring different collars, cuffs and closings, and Bettie picked her favourite from the bunch.  And so, The Bettie Biker Jacket was born.


Bettie Biker Jacket | Devel Men & Women


The jacket is designed to be a complementary meeting of a 1950’s satin bomber and a classic leather biker jacket.  This mixed aesthetic sums up Bettie’s personality perfectly; classy vintage with an underlying thirst for danger and excitement!

The body of the jacket is a delustered satin in midnight black, which catches the light ever-so slightly and looks super luxe.  As a nod to Bettie’s psychobilly tastes, the inside back of the jacket has been lined in acid green tiger-striped fur, which not only looks incredible against the deep black satin, but is also super cozy for those breezy winter nights.


Bettie Biker Jacket | Devel Men & Women


Bettie Biker Jacket | Devel Men & Women


I wanted to personalise the jacket for Bettie with something that would say it was hers and hers alone, and so suggested the addition of embroidered initials to the front chest.  Bettie loved the idea, and in-keeping with the psychobilly flavour, she requested the lettering to be in purple.  Black, acid green and purple are a striking gothy combination, often seen in psychobilly art and styling.  I picked out a metallic purple thread for the hand-stitched embroidery, to make the letters glint and glisten under the light.


Bettie Biker Jacket | Devel Men & Women


The body of the jacket and the cropped ¾ sleeves are finished off with bands that snap-dome closed, bringing the jacket in tight at those points, whereas the chest and shoulder area of the jacket has the feel of 1950’s tailoring, with much more room and a strong shoulder line.

The body crosses over in a double-breasted style, has wide lapels and closes with silver snap domes, just like your classic biker jacket.  It’s a comfortable vintage-style fit, with an accentuation on your svelte waist when you close it up completely.

And doesn’t Bettie just look smokin’?!!


Bettie Biker Jacket | Devel Men & Women


If you or another Badass Bettie would like a Bettie Biker Jacket (NZD$489 with embroidery, $399 without) of your very own, then don’t hesitate to get in contact, and we can get started on your custom-made badassery.


The Bettie Biker Jacket | Devel Men & Women

Congratulations Miss PinUp NZ 2015! | Devel Men & Women


And once again, a HUGE congratts to our darling Bettie Rage for taking out the Miss PinUp New Zealand title for 2015!!! devel_heart devel_heart  YEOWW!


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Photos:  Devel
Model:  Bettie Rage
Location: Karangahape Road, Auckland

This is my collab project for June, which also includes my 6 Questions With Miss PinUp New Zealand 2015