This month I was lucky enough to work with the cool and very social Tony Daunt, the main mean man of the dark bluesy band, Swampland.  A friend of ours has described the band’s sound as “if the show True Blood was a band, it would sound like this”.  I couldn’t agree more!  They have the sound of dark, South-West America; with lyrics laced with sorrow, regret and temptations.




Tony is a kiwi born-and-bred, but spent some 20-odd years based in Melbourne, getting amongst the alternative/rockabilly/psychobilly scene there.  He’s been in bands since leaving high school young, and has a long-standing love affair with all things retro and rockabilly.  His love of Nudie Suits (bold Western-wear) is NOT kept a secret.

By comparing his current wardrobe to the sound he likes to make in Swampland, I knew that in our collab project, I would be making him something with a Western flavour.   Tony loved the idea, we worked on a few shirt options, and finalised on The Dauntland Shirt.





Having the shirt body in red was Tony’s final suggestion for the design, and we both couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out!  I designed the shape of the front and back yokes to look as sinister as possible.  And with the addition of acid green leopard print edging on the devilish red base fabric, the overall aesthetic is truly fitting to the dark, foreboding lyrics that Tony growls out on stage.






To highlight the sinister shape of the yoke edges, I used a black piping to sharpen the edges between the red and green leopard print.  This also heightened the graphic nature of the design, and added a texture/3D point-of-interest to the shirt.

I included my shirt-design signature of underlining the collar and collarstand with the contrast fabric used in the yokes (in this case, black).  I love the fun it adds for the wearer, to flick the collar up and have an unexpected pop of colour or print greet their onlookers.  And as the lead of a very cool, very soulful blues garage band, it was a perfect addition for Tony to be able to play with on stage.


Now, VOGUE….





I really enjoyed working with Tony this month; he was a lot of fun, came in with some really great ideas, and was truly excited and humbled by having a custom garment made just for him.  I also love all the knowledge and stories he has about the local and Melbourne scenes; could listen-in for hours!

If you (or a stylish man you know) would like a Dauntland Shirt (NZD$219) of your very own, do get in contact and we’ll start your custom western journey to glory.


And be sure to check out Swampland live this weekend!  Leigh Sawmill is my pick, I just LOVE that venue!


Go on, git outta town…







Photos:  Devel
Model:  Tony Daunt
Location: The Kings Arms Tavern

This is my collab project for August, which also includes my 6 Questions With Tony Daunt.