Have you marked that Taco Date in your calendar??  I sure hope so.  Tacos from The Lucky Taco are a food experience not to be missed!  Their tortillas are the best I’ve ever had, EVER, and I can’t wait for them to be available to one and all, in our local supermarkets.  Then we can get our fix ALLLL week long!

It was such a pleasure to meet and chat with Sarah and Otis at their cool and contemporary home.  There was awesome Frizzell artwork everywhere, along with other pop and contemporary art pieces, and Sarah’s jovial collections of all things red and white were displayed throughout; from spotted Doc Martens to red lacquered kitchenware.  Oh goodness, not to mention their stunning commercial kitchen!  It’s large, gorgeous and stocked to the brim with shiny chef essentials and Mexi-skulls.   And yes, it used to be their garage.






Sarah and Otis spend the middle of their week in their bright and beautiful kitchen, preparing all the delicious meats and pickles for the weekend’s run of taco-peddling.  Their neighbourhood must have a constant chipotle craving.

The colourful two then spend the weekend building their famously delicious tacos for all their big and pint-size fans.  They are the face, voice, aesthetic and colour behind The Lucky Taco brand, and they’re pros at it.  You can just feel the passion they have for what they do in every pretty food insta-share, in every taco bite.  ‘Do work that you love, and never work a day in your life’ fits well with these two.





I contacted Sarah and Otis with the concept of making them mexi-flavoured retro garments, and drew heavily from the aesthetic and colour-use of Mexican blankets.  You know the ones, they cover the broken and ratty seats of those work-in-progress lead sleds down at the Beach Hop.  Black backgrounds with bright and bold coloured stripes.  I felt this use of colour summed up the Frizzells well; black for their rock’n’roll personalities, and the bold colours for their loud-and-proud branding and bright creative flair.  They loved the Mexican blanket concept, and were in no way shy of wearing such bright and crazy colours.

And so, together, we created the his-and-hers, Lucky Shirt and Lucky Skirt!




The Lucky Shirt is a custom-fit, retro bowling-style shirt, featuring my favourite shirt detail; a contrast under-collar in green.  The Lucky Skirt is a retro high-waisted wiggle skirt, with a centre-back split.  The coloured stripes are mirrored on the two garments, to add to the visual interest if they are in fact worn out together (which Sarah and Otis are mighty keen on).

I edged the coloured stripes with white and matching blue, green and pink piping, to emulate the diffusion stripes you see on Mexican blankets, where the bold coloured stripes give way to the black background.






And while inspired by the Lucky Dice ‘pop’ you can try your luck on at The Lucky Taco truck (double-sixes gets you a free taco!), I included a surprise appliqué feature on the back of both the shirt and skirt.  Two red Lucky Dice, hand-painted with white numbers and detailing.  When I revealed the garments to the Frizzells, in all their bright and bold glory, then turned them to show the surprise dice detail, it BLEW. THEIR. MIND.  I was chuffed.






We had some fun shooting in their ridiculously gorgeous Lucky Taco HQ kitchen, next to a rustic garage and against the stunning hibiscus wall that Otis painted on one side of their kitchen.  Bright colours are clearly a fixture in their lives, I love it!







If you or a cool Muchacho or Chica that you know would like your own Lucky Shirt (NZ$269) or Lucky Skirt (NZ$219), then don’t hesitate to get in contact, and we can get started on a custom mexi-flavoured garment of your very own!


Tacos Time!!  Arriba!!







Photos:  Devel
Models:  Sarah & Otis Frizzell of The Lucky Taco
Location: Lucky Taco HQ

This is my collab project for February, which also includes my 6 Questions With Sarah & Otis Frizzell of Lucky Taco.