This month has been the month for all things manly and stylish, as men everywhere grow and cultivate their Movember mo’s, all in the name of men’s health.  Whether your handlebar is dapper or bogan, that’s up to you.  Wear your personality on your face, or reinvent yourself in time for summer!

And once November is over, and you’ve had your fill of your caterpillar friend, you should treat yourself to a wet-shave at Maloney’s.  You deserve it after all that do-gooding!

Maloney’s Barbershop is a stylish man cave in the middle of Auckland city, and the man behind the shop is the ever-energetic and friendly Julian Maloney.




Julian is a man of great taste, which is made clear as soon as you step inside the shop.  You’re meet by a thoughtful balance between wood and metal furniture and fittings, and an entertaining collection of both vintage and modern collectables and artworks.  I couldn’t keep still, there was so much to see, so much style to take in!  Good thing I wasn’t there for a wet-shave…

I was stoked when Julian came back with an excited YES to my Devel Vs Project proposal; I couldn’t wait to meet and work with the man behind the most stylish barbershop in town!





It was clear by the style of the shop and the Maloney’s website that Julian was all into his vintage, and so we designed a 1950’s-style lounge shirt for him, with the aesthetic of the shop in-mind.  And so, The Maloney Shirt was born.




A classic 1950’s men’s lounge shirt, in a roomy cut for those hot summer months, featuring a squared-off hem and side vents.  The front stripe detail is in the Maloney’s website rust red and cream, and has a racing-stripe sort of feel.  Which is fitting, as Julian’s personal time is spent on scooters and motorcycles.

The shirt body is in black, with a charcoal front and contrast black shirt buttons.  The fabrics are 100% cotton or linen.






And the pièce de résistance…

An open straight-razor appliqué on the back yoke, monogrammed with Julian’s initials.  The detailing on the razor and the white initials are all handpainted in a heat-cured textile ink, to ensure long-lasting wear and washability.






As always, this shirt is now available for custom order, with a limit to 5 orders total.  But wait, there’s more!

For every Maloney Shirt ordered, you can choose the initials for the back monogram, AND $50 of proceeds will be donated to the Movember Foundation!





So if you or a handsome mo-man in your life would like to place a custom order for your very own Maloney Shirt (NZD$230), just flick me an email and we can get started!


Devel Men and Movember.  Keeping our men dapper and healthy.







Photos:  Devel
Model:  Julian Maloney
Location: Maloney’s Barber Shop

This is my collab project for November, which also includes my 6 Questions With Julian Maloney.