Sal Valentine is one dapper mutha’ucker.

He works amongst beautiful suits by day, and sweats it out in sharp suits on stage by night.  He has a Tumblr devoted to the collection of all sorts of male swagger.  He knows what to do with a pocket square.

I was crazy excited to work with Sal on a design project, as he already has such a smooooth style about him, and was a happy recipient of whatever crazy stylish menswear I wanted to put him in.

With the thought in mind that he has collected a very nice selection of suits already, for stage and play, we went with creating him something higher on the opulence level, while also relaxed in tailoring.  And so, we created The Valentine Smoking Jacket.






I collected together a whole bunch of glitzy, velvety, patterned satins and brocades for Sal to run his fingers and style-hungry eye over.  And from the offerings he chose the matt black satin with rich velvet-flocked flowers.

We teamed this with the classic black satin lapel, with matching pocket welts and cuffs. These are classic features of an evening smoking or dinner jacket, along with the decorative frog closures used on the front the jacket (no buttons!)  The turn-back cuff on The Valentine Smoking Jacket was styled after the dinner jacket Sean Connery’s Bond wears in Dr No.

” You believe in living dangerously, I can see that… “






To break the black-upon-black of the jacket’s outer shell, I picked a silver lining with a tiny diamond pattern (me and prints!), and edged it with a thin purple satin binding to tie-in with the opulence of the design, and to add a pop of unexpected colour.

The weight of the jacket was kept light for two reasons.  One, this jacket was being modelled after a traditional smoking jacket, where the tailoring has always been light, due to its main purpose of being worn at home, over one’s clothes, to protect them from the manly pipe or cigar smoke.  Some traditional smoking jackets were even designed in more of a robe style, than jacket.  And the second reason for its featherweight composition, was to be kind to Sal as a frontman, sweating away on stage; singing, dancing and conducting.




Sal loves the lightweight feel of the jacket, and wants to wear it around the house all the time, it’s that comfortable.  And doesn’t he look sharp?!

I got excited over the fabric combination well before I had cut them into jacket and pocket shapes (#youknowyoureadesignerwhen…), and absolutely ADORE the final result!  That fabric!  That lining!  That lapel!  Swoon!!

Thank you Sal, for being one stylish mutha’ucker, and allowing me this opulent menswear indulgence!




If you, or the suave man in your life, would like your very own Valentine Smoking Jacket (NZD$699), flick me a message, and we’ll get started on your own custom-fit opulence!


Now go on, pop that Champagne!







Photos:  Devel
Model:  Sal Valentine
Location:  La Zeppa, Auckland

This is my collab project for June, which includes my 6 Questions With Sal Valentine.