My love of fashion has forever been linked to good music.  I grew up watching the music video countdown every weekend, gleaming my various music and fashion tastes from what I saw on the screen.  My pre-teen walls saw posters of the Spice Girls and Prodigy at the same time (the Prodigy ones outstayed pretty much everything on my wall; ob-SESSED).  Like most kids, I was into pop (and pop was really having it’s DAY in the 90’s!), but my taste for snarling punk was growing too.  I also loved the hell out of R&B, and was learning ‘how to relationship’ from pop and R&B combined.  You could probably say all three genres are a bit at odds with each other, but hey, music and fashion are there to play with and to enjoy, so being into polarising genres or styles doesn’t mean shit, imo.

90’s pop saw us in cute baby tees, mini skirts and boot-cut jeans.  90’s R&B saw us in baggy cargo pants, crop tops and puffa vests.  00’s punk saw us in plaid skirts, ripped-and-pinned tops, and giant eff-off boots.  The punk thing hit me hard in my early teens, and stuck strong until I discovered the offshoot of psychobilly in my late teens.  Where punk was all rip, shit and bust, psychobilly was smoother and gothicly romantic.  It didn’t take long to capture my imagination and designer heart; give me Tiger Army and I was SOLD.  Psychobilly style was to me a hybrid of punk, goth and rockabilly, and was a brand new thing to play with!  Well, new to me anyway, the original psychobilly movement was created in the 80’s, back when rockabilly was enjoying a revival with the likes of Stray Cats.


Stray Cats

I loved the hell out of our local psychobilly scene in the mid-to-late 00’s, it was so much fun getting rowdy and looking like total badasses!  But unfortunately, the local bands either split or moved overseas for greater glory, and the bottom fell out of the scene.  There are still talented rockabilly bands around who keep rockabilly/rock’n’roll festivals like Beach Hop jumping and jiving, but I personally long for a little more punky grit.  Gimme a snarl!  Gimme a growl!  Nash those teeth!  Furrow that brow!

So what now??  With the new wave of Girl Power upon us, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more strong all-girl groups like The Coathangers come to the fore.  And with ‘Girl Power’ and Riot Grrrl being key 90’s movements, the fashion style that goes along with the music will likely feature some 90’s throwbacks.  We’re already seeing it in the form of the strong pin and patch game that is going on at the moment, and girl-gang themed ANYTHING is so hot right now.

And so, because the love in this post is all about fashion + music, I’ll leave you with a collection of super stylish (imo) music vids, to fuel the rest of your week and get you pumped for the weekend!










For the love of all that is good,