This week while I was in Pinterest-land, I came across this image which lit a fire in my imagination…


A young girl gang marching down an alley, in feminne clothing and sheer pink face coverings, hold up pink plastic weaponry and skateboards in defiance


There were bad-ass women, holding pink and glitzy weaponry (one even with a pink skateboard with sliver-glitter grip-tape, I mean, whaaaaatt is this heaven??), and wearing a mix of ultra-femme and casual clothing.  I had to know more, STAT!

Turns out the shoot was a collaboration between pop-artist-come-furniture-and-set-designer-come-fashion-designer, Amy Exton, who creates her work under the brand GlitterGun$ LDN, and Vice Magazine.  Amy’s work is heavy on pop icons, colour and glitter, and really, just sounds and looks like a whole lot of fun!  She was responsible for all the pink weaponry the girls carried in the Vice shoot.


PHOTOGRAPHY: ALEX DE MORA, STYLIST: BRIDI FODEN, Make up: Amy Conley using MAC, Hair: David Noble, Props: GLITTERGUN$ LDN, Models: Maddie Seisay and Ella Bernie at Elite Models, Emily at M+P, Jasmine Lia at Models 1, Alexandra Dell Anno at FM Models, Emily Bador at NEVS

And it all snowballed from there….

Next I spotted the cutesy but unusual dress the girl with the skateboard was wearing, and was introduced to fashion designer Charlotte Lewis.  Charlotte’s work is also ultra-femme, with a heavy use of pink and fabrics that have shiny finishes or fluffy textures.  Her first collection, Sisterhood Is Powerful, which the cutesy dress is from, features a juxtaposition between cute retro daisy prints, and retro 70’s nudes.  It reminds me of The Virgin Suicides, with its confronting mix of female innocence and sexuality.



Then, when reading more about Amy Exton’s work in this Fashion Globe interview, I came across her fave photographer, who happens to be the talented Charlotte Rutherford.  Turns out I’d come across Charlotte’s work before via Galore Magazine, when they did a share of her collab shoot with feminist Amber Rose for Paper Mag.  The shoot had gone viral, due to the striking images of Amber Rose styled as so many different feminist icons throughout history, including Marlene Dietrich and Rosie the Riveter.  Her photographic style is reminiscent of Pierre et Gilles (also a big fan), with a big use of bold colours and flesh that gives a luminescent glow.



All three creatives’ work are in harmony with each other; there is always something a bit bright and bold, always something textural and engaging, always something shiny and glittery, and always something retro-flavoured and of popular-culture ilk.  Oh, and the volume is turned up to EXCESS.  Perhaps the work can be seen as OTT or trashy, but goddamn is it fun, and it sure doesn’t take itself too seriously!  I love it, and am glad to have fallen down this glittery ultra-femme rabbit-hole of talent!


With Pink Glittery Love….




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