Designer Christian Dior Draping a New Dress Style on a Fit Model, c.1948


In less than a week I’ll be in Melbourne ogling dresses by the formidable Christian Dior, and I can’t freakin’ wait!  Yes, I am one of those fashion-lovers who felt it completely rational to fly to Melbourne to look at dresses.  Not buy them, just look at them.  I even considered traveling all the way to Paris for the exhibition there, but thought better of traveling to Paris without the husband, after we had a such a great time there together last time.  Cos it’s PARRRISSSSS….. *swoon*

Not to worry, I’ve heard great things about the Melbourne exhibition (even though I’ve been avoiding all info and images at all costs!), I’m going with my fashion-loving mum, and we’re going to swan around Melbourne, enjoying all the best spots from our last trip, and some new recommendations from friends.  Keep your eyes peeled for the lowdown!

In preparation for some IRL ogling, I thought I’d do a round-up of my ten most favourite Dior outfits to date; half vintage, half modern…  Enjoy!!


J’adore Dior….




Right!  Now I’m ready to get my SWOON on!!




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