The Kendall Dress | Devel Women


Upon completion of the Kendall Dress (my most recent Devel Vs Project collaboration with alt-country starlet Kendall Elise), I started noticing how many of my previous projects and designs have incorporated western details and styling.

From my first original skirt design called the Impala ’59 Skirt, featuring white satin western-style yokes on the back, trimmed with silver piping (just like the chromed back-end of aforementioned Impala ’59), to my first collection post-university called Built For Speed, which was heavily influenced by the rockabilly and hot-rod cultures, showing western-yoked men’s shirts in either leopard print or white with an original print inspired by the ‘scallop’ paintwork so often seen on the bonnets of hot rods.


The Impala 59 Skirt | Devel Women

Leopard Western Shirts | Devel Men


Then came my Devel Vs Project, where I collaborate with other creatives on a special garment, designed with them and their work in-mind.  2014 saw the sinister western Dauntland Shirt, created with musician Tony Daunt, and the Loretta-Lynn-esque Tami Dress, created with country queen, Tami Neilson.  There was also a desert-western shirt that I created with Josh Holme in-mind, which never saw the light of day, due to my not being 100% happy with the result (the details were perhaps OTT, for my taste).  Then there was the pink and plush Ruby Capelet in 2015, made for and in collaboration with Australian pinup, Ruby Rabbit.  And this year started off cute and western with the Rootin’ Tootin’ Two-Piece, and finally the glamorously western Kendall Dress has found its home amongst its fringed and contrast-yoked friends.


The Dauntland Shirt | Devel Men

The Dauntland Shirt | Devel Men

The Rootin' Tootin' Two-Piece | Devel Women

The Kendall Dress | Devel Women


Western style just has so many great features to play with! From the multitude of contrast colours and prints you can use in front and back yokes, to the complimentary and contrast piping used to highlight panels and add depth and texture to the garment, to the cheerful pearlised snap domes that close up shirts, to the oodles of fringing to give the garment extra flow and movement, to the creative chain-stitching and appliqué work that embeds the garment with the personality (and even the name) of its owner.  There’s so much to love!


Western Style: Vintage Cowgirl


One garment I haven’t lent my designer hand to yet is an epic western-style jacket, customised to wearer of course… Keen for it be yours?  Then get in touch!