This month I’m crushing all over a lovely local pin-up lass, who goes by the name Miss Monique Sweet.  You may recognise her from such kooky Devel custom designs as the famous Watermelon Skirt, and Strawberry Two-Piece seen at last year’s Very Vintage Day Out event in Auckland.  She was also the spark for the fire that is the Freshly Squeezed collection.

And now she is up for one BIG EXCITING opportunity in the form of being crowned Miss Viva Las Vegas 20!  Our long-distance-local pin-up starlet Miss Victory Violet broke the mould by being the first kiwi to be crowned Miss VLV in 2015, and Miss Monique Sweet is hoping to follow in her footsteps.  She’s made it all the way to the voting round, which means it’s up to US to get her further, with just a couple of clicks!  CLICK HERE to vote!

Or if you’re not convinced just yet as to why Monique is the star amongst the other 79 hopefuls, then have a read of my 6 Reasons Why You Should Vote for Miss Monique Sweet


Photo by Ataahua Pinups

1)  Monique is a Total Legit Pin-Up and Vintage-Loving Babe

She has won pin-up titles here locally, including the Miss Moonshine title of 2015 where she dressed as a giant slice of watermelon!  Her lifestyle consists of travelling the country spreading vintagey love with her rockabilly-musician-fiancee Sam, and her partner-in-glam Fran (who also took out the 2016 Miss Pin-Up NZ title.. keeping good company there, Mon!).  She’s modelled for many of the local pin-up and retro clothing brands, including Devel, and fosters close relationships with her local charity-shop ladies, and gets the VIP-scoop on all the good vintage finds!


2)  Monique is a Strong Wonder Woman

Monique is a survivor of the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake.  Not the “I got shaken around, and bought the t-shirt” type survivor.  No, we’re talking the kind of survivor you never wish to be; trapped for hours in rubble, without hope and in pain, before a miraculous volunteer angel sets you free, only to crumple in despair, shock and exhaustion outside those closing walls of hell.  She spoke openly about her experience to Mumpty Style last year, and made us all realise how lucky we are to, one, never have gone through anything like that ourselves, and two, have had the chance to meet the wonderful woman Monique is, and has become since her harrowing ordeal.


The Beauty School Dropouts, Photo by Elizabeth J Photography

Photo by Elizabeth J Photography

3)  Monique is a Chatty Cathy

She says it herself!  Monique loves to chat, and always has a fun story to tell, of course followed by that big, all-inclusive laugh of hers.  Jibber-jabber is her natural state!  This talent made her the perfect friendly-face of the final season of Very Vintage TV, and an engaging and charming MC of last year’s Very Vintage Day Out.  You know she’s going to take it home when she gets on-stage in Vegas, she has charisma in bucketloads!


4)  Monique is a Fashion, Hair and Make-Up Genius

I’ve written about the design journeys Monique and I have gone on (with some very fun and fruity results!), but whether she’s wearing her custom-made Devel creations or not, she is always styled well, top-to-toe!  She has a knack for mixing old with new, classic with unexpected, and always steps out looking fun, unique and like HER.  I’m sorry to say, but there can be a lot of cookie-cutter behaviour when it comes to pin-up fashion, but Monique breezes through all that, taking no notice, and lifting the room with her fashion genius.  As of last year she is also lending her creative hand as one half of The Beauty School Dropouts, a hair and make-up styling business she has started with the aforementioned Fran Robertson.  They are a brightly-coloured, styling force to be reckoned with!!


Miss Monique Sweet in the Freshly Squeezed Collection, Photo by Tiffany Curtis

Photo by Tiffany Curtis Photography

5)  Monique is a Kiwi

She’s one of us!  She is you, in the future, when you take your big leap of faith, guns loaded with talent and sparkles.  She represents all of us.  All of us who dream big dreams, and want big things to happen in our lives.  We helped to put Miss Victory Violet up there, so let’s do it again!  No more Tall Poppy bullshit.  This lady works hard, has mountains of talent, and deserves a chance to fight it out on-stage.  She’s ready, and she’s a pretty damn good bet.


6)  Monique is a Total Sweetheart

I love Monique for being Monique.  She’s funny, she’s lovely, she’s real, her laugh is great, her inclusiveness never falters, and this, my friends, is her core.  Brushing aside the “what is she into’s” and the “what has she been through’s”, Monique at the heart of it all is a wonderful human being, and deserves all the success this world has to offer her 




I’ll be your best frieeeeend….