This What In The World instalment is going to side-step from being solely about the global fashion industry, and is going to instead speak to broader global issues.  It seems fitting to share these thoughts, wishes and hopes after the dark and tumultuous past week that was felt the world over.  This piece has been kept free of imagery, as you don’t need me to remind you of the turmoil, you were there through all of it.

The journey of the US election was hard to escape in mainstream and social media, even if you live on the other side of the globe, like us here in NZ.  The internet is good like that.  The US fight became our fight too.  Friendships have been torn apart by polarised views, and now the results are in, everyone is feeling just a wee bit exhausted from the struggle.

And the struggle continues.  Fears for humanity have gone from a simmer to a splashy, scalding boil, with real potential of boiling all the way over and causing a right f’n mess.

And why has it come to this messy, loud, angry, scary crescendo?  Because people care.  They care a whole damn lot.  They care about a lot of different things.  They care about their own, they care about others like them, they care about others not like them, they care about history, they care about progress, they care about the future, they care about what they’re used to, they care about what they’ve been put through.  And so, in giving a shit, there is common ground.

Of course you care.  You’d be severely lacking in humility if you didn’t.  But let’s stop in-fighting and remember that if we want to see a different world, it’s not up to a figurehead to provide it, it’s up to us.  Always move forward.  Always fight the good fight.  Be constructive.  Use that energy for good, for others who do not possess the fortunate footing that you do.  You care about women’s rights?  Be a loud and proud feminist, campaigning for equal pay.  You care about refugee integration?  Volunteer some of your time to helping families safely settle into their new home.  You care about the environment?  Get clued up on climate change science, and put pressure on local bodies to adopt new methods of curbing carbon footprints.  You care about employee rights?  Join a union, and call out workplace bullshit when you see it.

You care about something, you do something about it.  You let all your friends and family know about it, so no-one can ignore the injustices you can see.  We can be so immersed in our own day-to-day sometimes that what seems obvious and glaring to you, might not have hit someone else’s radar at all.  We can’t fault each other for that, it happens to all of us.  It’s impossible to know ALL THE THINGS, try as we might.  Be kind.  Be positive and full of solutions.  And always move forward.

While mainstream and social media has been telling horror story after horror story, there has been some light amongst the gloomy haze.  I’ve rounded up my faves of the past week below:


devel_heart_solidpurple  Don’t Agonise, Organise by Lena Dunham, for Lenny Letter

devel_heart_solidpurple  The Bystander Effect: Breaking Through The Fear by Andre Chumko, for The Wireless

devel_heart_solidpurple  Undoing the Trump Effect: How New Zealander’s Can Take Action by Mava Enoka, for The Wireless

devel_heart_solidpurple  Before The Flood doco with Leonardo DiCaprio, for National Geographic


Your small-but-positive-change, added to someone else’s small-but-positive-change starts to add up to BIG positive change.  And that’s what we all want.

Raise those heads and voices, and move forward.