Reduce – Reuse – Recycle has been a sustainability mantra that us kids from the 80’s and 90’s have grown up with here in NZ.  It got us thinking about how much waste we produce in our daily lives and how we can minimise the amount of it being sent to the landfill, through methods like composting food and recycling plastics.  Since those days the food industry had made leaps in the type of packaging it uses, with compostable boxes and plastics in the mix now.  Advances in technology are allowing us to make ‘greener’, more sustainable choices about the products we allow in our lives, and the fashion industry is right there in the middle of that experiment and development too.

There are fashion and textile companies who are looking at the food industry and figuring out how to take food waste products and turn them into something wearable.  Wearing your food is a very real idea in the making, just have a look at the round-up below!


Leather From Yeast

Yeast-grown Zoa Leather samples

Photo by Zoa Leather

Knitwear From Kelp

AlgiKnit test-tubes

Photo by AlgiKnit

Leather From Pineapples

PinaTex Leather fashion accessories

Photo by PinaTex

Denim From Coffee Grounds

S.Cafe x AEO Denim collaboration jeans

Photo by Clarissa Wei

Leather From Kombucha

Baby booties made from kombucha leather

Photo by Young-A Lee, creator of kombucha leather

Silk From Citrus

High fashion silk scarf by Orange Fiber and Salvatore Ferragamo

Photo by Orange Fiber


Food for thought…